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NextGen Society Accouting Solution

In the fast pace cost of shifting business, there is only one thing you can count on, change, you can not stop it, control it or ignore it,that with little luck and the right partner you can do more then merely manage it, even get ahead of it.

Meet the Next Generation Society Accounting Solution the work force, in society accounting system. Fast enough, Accurate enough and Versatile enough to handle whatever change happens to throw your way. For example this software have a “Online Integration Pocket” that enable secure access control and other online solutions.

The software equipped with an array of accessories that you choose your accounting needs. With that your financial experience has never been more controllable and convenient.

The software comes ready to go with complete Finalisation of Society Accounts with Secured Data and get satisfaction right out of the box. And your changing future will always bright with the Society Next Generation‘s tomorrow. enabled futuresmart firmware. It gives your society a new features and functionality, as technology advances, simply put futuresmart extends the life of your society paying you back overtime.

Speaking of paying you back the software analise society accounting needs as per society’s requirement, compare to majority of competing society accounting software, with feature like Self Data Security Backup, Experienced & Qualified Personnels, Time Punctuality, Prompt Service.

The software may skimp on paper use but not on performance, they always deliver with features like Go-Green Initiative with online facilities like Bill Receipts, Intimation of payment, Online Pay NOW, View online members accounts, Mail-SMS facility, NoteBook, Notice Board, Photo Gallery, Whatsapp Chat, Reminders and Online Video Conferancing.

Alongwith this software comes with eView mobile app. where you can view, print & pay from anywhere right from your smartphone, other mobile device in the office across town or around the world.

So are you ready for the change ? With new “Next Generation Society Accounting Solution” you can expect performance, durability, punctuality, versatility and a lifespan that legendary and that should be a welcome change. indicates a smart investment for your society.

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